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Days 280-288/365: A Week of Bedtimes

I really do have to get out of the habit of taking quick shots at bedtime. The light is dreadful, no one is in the mood and I end up with the same photos over and over again. It is just so hard to fit photography into our weekly routine now and I have zero headspace for creativity. I realised today how much I miss my old 52 project group. There was so much inspiration there. Perhaps I need to find new challenges for myself.

I am learning new editing skills though. I even learned how to record myself as I edit so that I could share my workflow here. Many of the new techniques I am learning are hard for me to remember so I love the idea of being able to watch videos of me doing them to remind me of what steps I need to take. It is also a brilliant record of my learning. Yesterday, I recored myself as I edited last week's photos. I was all set to upload to YouTube only to be told that videos need to be less than 15mins long. Mine was 1 hour 10 mins... Doh! So you have been spared that ordeal. I will try to do one tomorrow.

Here are the photos from this week. When I looked at the RAW files I felt a bit hopeless. It really was a case of trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. However, in the end I was happy with a couple of them. I said all that on the video, but we will just have to let that go now!

Day 280 - One of those sorts of evenings... These are the days that I look forward to finishing the 365. But then I wonder if any photo is without worth over the passage of time. Perhaps these photos will fill me with warm fuzzy nostalgia one day. Who knows.

Day 281 - Dude finally got his cake. It was a lemon curd/Victoria sponge affair. Roo loves lemon.

Day 282 - We have a lot of Playmobil and I love it. My kids have got so much more play out if it than Lego. We even have some of my husbands old Playmobil in our collection. I will never give ours away. I really hope that we will visit Playmobil World in Germany next year. Watch this space...

Day 283 - I do not take enough family photos. I must get the tripod out soon. This really is the stuff that nostalgia is made of. 

Day 284 - Bear and Twinkle at bedtime. 

Day 285 - This one was shot in terrible terrible light and looked pretty rough straight out of camera. I just love how it came out after editing. It took a bit of work to get there and I now love the end result. It was all on the video. Sorry...

This one is just silly of course, but I like silly too.

Day 286 - I get pretty excited about sun flare these days. The styling was out of my control, but we went with it. 

Day 287 - Stuck without a photo and my lovely husband offered to be the subject of the day right at the last minute. 

Day 288 - I was too tired to even try to get a good photo on this day. I usually take quite a few pictures but I risked only three and the other two were unusable. The first one is my edit in Lightroom. I was happy enough with it although it is clearly not a great photo. I had a bit of free time today and was able to export to Photoshop and use some of the techniques I have learned from Sue Bryce and Lara Jade on Creative Live. I have used some dodge and burn and textured overlays. It is still not a brilliant photo, but I think it is a lot better. It is so much fun to play around and get creative.