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Days 272-279/365: A Decade of Roo.

Oops, getting behind again. I have frequent thoughts of abandoning this project but I really am determined to finish it. I hate not finishing things as the thought of them plagues me forever.
So, it has been exciting times here as Roo turned 10. TEN! It really is unbelievable but he is loving it and I have to admit that double digits do suit him so well. We have always thought that he would make a good adolescent. We aren't quite there yet... but well on our way.

There were a ton of days before we even get to the birthday...

Day 272 - A cute little something that Bear and I made after school.

Day 273 - Last minute before bed shot.

Day 274 - I wish I had more time to play around with coloured backgrounds like this. The blue here was actually the side of a play tent we have. I would love to go out and buy a few fabrics, but they really aren't cheap enough to warrant it. Maybe I should invest in a couple of versatile ones. 

Day 275 - We went to London to visit some friends. 

Day 276 - Roo wanted a stunt scooter for his birthday so we went back to that cool indoor skate place. I would love to be there on our own for a few hours. We could have lots of photo fun. 

Day 277 - To mark the occasion of Roo's 10th birthday, I really wanted to get some photos of us together. I think that I have already mentioned how important I believe it is to create images of mothers and their kids. It is such a precious thing to look back on. 

Day 278 - he really is the perfect image of pre-teen isn't he?

Rexy is so much quieter in photos these days. I don't think that he is as enthusiastic about having his photo taken as he used to be. I do like to give him the option of being included though and he said yes on this night. We was on the iPad so it didn't bother him much. 

Day 279 - The big birthday. 

We had a nice morning at home but it was a school day...

Just before heading out the door to school, Roo announced that he felt sick. We thought that it would pass, but then he vomited twice.... 

So, Roo's 10th birthday became a sick day. Booo!! We cancelled our plans to eat cake and go to a restaurant. He was feeling a lot better by evening and we risked a take out, which stayed down fine. He had a nice relaxing day in the end. Luckily the party wasn't due for another week and a half. Phew!

Alls well that ends well. 

I do have some other photography related news, but we will have to wait until the next post (or the one after that) to share it. I have had a little time to look at more of my Creative Live course. I finally got some sort of grip on the dodge and burn technique and used my wacom tablet to do it. I also had lots of fun blending in a new background. I love this picture I created of Roo. The best bit is that the background is from a computer game he likes. I love the idea of creating pictures not only to freeze a point in the kids development, but also capturing their interests at the time too.