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Days 258-265/365: Road Trip to Munich

There is a definite autumn feel in the air now that it is September. I usually have a sense of mourning for summer life at this time of year, but I have to say that we really did take a huge bite of summer this time and I am almost ready to move on. I love autumn and there is lots to look forward to this year. Before that I need to get all caught up with our summer adventures.

I think that there is a small chance that I am having a mid-life crisis.... I am finding it very difficult to sit still and feel a need to cram lots of fun experiences into our family live. I think it is because I am so conscious that we won't have these kids with us forever. We only have one shot at their childhood, and it is passing so quickly. If I am being honest I also feel that it is my last shot at childhood fun and I want to make the most of it.

I love travelling and holidays and I would love to show my kids the world. The problem is that it costs a small fortune for us to fly anywhere, which leaves me feeling trapped on this island we live on. I hate that! After our visit to Disneyland this year we became aware that the Shuttle service to Calais was an amazing way for us to get onto the continent. We plan to do that a lot more often now. We started off with a crazy quick road trip to Munich over the summer bank holiday.

First off I had to take some selfies and stuff to pass a couple of days.

Day 258

Day 259

Day 260 - This was a late night one after packing for our big road trip.

Day 261 - Strasbourg. What a beautiful city. I have wanted to visit here for years. I was drawn to the fact that it is a blend of France and Germany. I don't think that I realised just how close to the border this city is. 

Day 262 - A morning in Strasbourg and an evening in Munich. 

This was the fantastic Englischer Garten in Munich. We absolutely loved the streams there. They actually surf in the park. My husband and the kids found a more tranquil spot for some swimming and then we finished off the day in the beer garden. 

Day 263 - A morning in Munich with some friends. 

Getting a bit tired of the travelling now. 

The wonderful glockenspiel. 

How could we resist the toy museum?

The morning was so  lovely and then we embarked on a mammoth journey to Trier in western Germany. We picked it because it was a good half way point back to Calais. The road seemed endless. Our sat nav said that it would take 5 hours. Two hours in to the journey it was still saying that it would take 5 hours. We kept focused on the idea of a nice German meal and a couple of weiss beers at the end of it. But... it was so late by the time that we arrived that everything was shut. The hotel was kinda weird too. There was something very National Lampoon about the whole experience. 

Day 264 - Trier.
Everything seemed good again the next day though. We only had a couple of hours to spare before hitting the road again. We had  train to catch from Calais. 

The hotel had a pool and sauna and it's own roman ruins. We couldn't complain about that!

The journey back to Calais was pretty terrible also as there was an accident on the motorway that held us up. We missed our train and had to catch a much later one. It was all so worth it though. We have already started thinking about all the future possible road trips. 

Day 265 - Home again. 100 days to go on this project. Whoop!!