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Days 266-272/365: Bear's First Day at School

It has been a big week here in the Doll House. Bear has started school! I cannot quite believe that our baby girl is now officially a school girl. I know it is a cliche but time really does fly doesn't it?

Day 266 - We just love this crazy girl. She is everything we ever dreamed of and more.

It really has been the most amazing summer. I feel that the tone of family life has changed a little over the time that I have been doing these 365s. Everyone is growing up and becoming their own person.

Day 267 - Rexy still loves his cuddly toys, but perhaps a little less than he used to. He is very passionate about reading at the moment.

Day 268 - Our Jasmine cat is a much loved member of the family, but everyone is so aware that she is getting very old now. There is a lot of talk about what pet we will get once she is gone. 

Day 269 - My midlife crisis continues and we managed one last camping trip for the summer before we packed everything away in the loft. We went to a different site this time and overall I preferred it. The boys loved the fire and poked at it for ages. Roo has become our resident marshmallow toaster. He loves the responsibility of feeding everyone. 

Day 270 - I think that I like the mornings the best when camping. It is so nice to wake up in the fresh air without the complications of electronics. 

Day 271 - With only one day to turn things around to carefree summer mode to school mode I spent most of Monday labelling stuff and getting our heads around the switcheroo. It wasn't easy or enjoyable.

Day 272 - It has been such a busy summer that I really haven't had much time to think about the fact that Bear is starting school and that the pre-school years are officially behind us. Perhaps it is best not to think to much about it. It is what it is I guess. She is very happy to be starting and overall we are ready for this exciting new stage of life. She will totally rock it!