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Morning: A New Dawn

I have to say that it is quite liberating to take photos as I please and not have to worry about filling each day of the 365. That said, I am currently taking photos most days. Old habits die hard I guess. I do have a plan though. For the next few weeks I will focus on a different rule of composition for one week each. After that I will choose a different photography skill or technique to focus on a week at a time. Of course I will also have the 52 project as a separate exercise. 

Here are a few of the things I have captured over the past few days. 

More of the kids being kids, doing things that kids do. 

I am trying to look out for frames in my composition. This is not a wonderful example, but hopefully a step in the right direction. 

Bear and I had a lovely day in the garden yesterday. She was keen to have a packed lunch (picnic!)

This week's theme for the 52 project is Morning. Here are some of my efforts. I went with the middle one in the end. I am becoming a real perfectionist about sharp eyes. I liked the last photo in this set, but Bear's eyes were a little blurry. I have been enjoying my 50mm again. I might try to upgrade to the f/1.4 at some point in the future. 

Rexy entered his first swimming gala today and snapped up two medals for himself. He enjoyed it immensely and we were very proud of him. We went out for lunch to celebrate.