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Day 362/365: Sports Day

Today was a big day in my photography journey. It was sports day at the boys' school and I planned to bring the big camera along. Last year I bottled out and took pictures with my phone. I was determined to step up to the mark this year. Another reason to be excited was that I planned to bring my 100mm lens. Events like this are one of the main reasons that I wanted that lens in the first place. 

Here is a reminder of the photos I took last year. I was actually reasonably pleased with them. I still think that you can get decent photos with an iPhone. Well worth having anyway. 

Here are the photos from today. I am much happier with how I have captured the day. There is even a story telling element, perhaps...

We were there the whole day. Roo's events were in the morning and Rexy's in the afternoon. Bear stayed with us in the morning but it was way too hot for her later. 

This is Roo's teacher. We just love him and will be very sorry to say goodbye in a few weeks. 

After a brief break at home, Bear stayed with someone else while we returned to the school to see Rexy in action. This boy was pumped and ready to win. 

It was a wonderful day and I look forward to capturing it even better in the years to come.