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Days 359-361/365: Venturing into Macro

We still have Uncle M with us. It has been so wonderful to have him stay with us and the children absolutely adore him. I have loved watching my boys spending time with another positive male role model. They have shared interests in terms of music and football. I wish that we could spend a lot more time with him. Photos of my brother and my kids together are very precious to me and such images are the whole reason that I became interested in photography in the first place. 

Day 359 - Hanging out with the boys at home. 

Day 360 - It should have been more eventful that this but I was home late from work and had no creative ideas. 

My brother suggested this one. He has a good eye for photography ideas. 

Day 361 - Our garden is now full of beautiful summer flowers and I decided that today was the day to take a step into the world of macro. I still need to read more about how to take a good macro picture, but I am happy enough with these for now. 

I always feel happy when I squeeze a doll photo into my day.