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Days 172-175/365: Christmas 2014

Unsurprisingly things have gotten pretty busy and crazy around here. We have had a wonderful Christmas so far even though Bear and my mother have been plagued with tedious illnesses. What we have here today is a massive Christmas photo dump. 

Brace yourself. 

Christmas Eve (Day 172) started off pretty slowly with all of us piled into bed. My husband made an escape to prepare breakfast while I played around with the remote control. 

After a few hours of dashing around and trying to contain the kids excitement, it was time to leave out treats for Santa and the reindeer. Bear was not keen on that photo so I left them all out of it and took some photos after they had gone to bed. 

Christmas day was wonderful and fully lived up to the kids expectations. I will let the photos speak for themselves. 

We went out for a nice meal for Boxing Day (Day 174). The setting was light and would have been amazing for taking photos, but Bear needed my attention non-stop. This was partly due to being ill, and partly because we have started potty training. Don't ask! Clearly I am mad. 

Today (Day 175), I was feeling very disheartened after reviewing the photos I have taken over the past few days.  Maybe I am feeling low because Granny B has gone home, but I have decided that I have never taken  a "tack sharp" photo... ever! So I decided to get my kit lens out and play around with zooming out with low shutter speed. I also played with deliberately out of focus photos using the manual focus. That cheered me up a bit. 

Onwards and upwards. I got some great new photo books for Christmas, I can't wait to dive into them and learn new stuff. I also got some beautiful new dolls, which I will share photos of soon.