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Day 151/365: Christmas in Covent Garden and the Tooth Elf

I really needed a change of scenery and lighting today. So, to keep things interesting I brought my camera to work in London. I love my walks through Covent Garden and it is even more special at Christmas time. Unfortunately, I was in a rush to get to work and I didn't have much time to think about what I was doing. My aim was to get some morning/evening shots though so I just snapped a few as a hurried along.

I never know what aperture to use with these types of scenes.

f/4: 1/160; ISO 800

f/4: 1/125; ISO 800

f/2.5: 1/50; ISO 800

I find the "clutter" in this type of photos so frustrating.  

f/4: 1/500; ISO 800

It was completely dark by the time I left work. Here are my night time pictures. The ISO had to go right up and the aperture and shutter speed were not ideal. We have some camera shake here!

f/2.8: 1/125; ISO 3200

f/2.8: 1/400; ISO 3200

f/2: 1/125; ISO 3200

I got all carried away with this shot because I found a railing to place the camera on and the taxi on the right was stationary. It was the perfect opportunity to play with a longer shutter speed. I was having so much fun that I nearly missed my train home. 

f/10: 3.2 sec; ISO 200

I had planned to leave it at that for the night, but then I got home to hear that Rexy's tooth fell out at school today. That means that he got the tooth elf to help him take it safely home. The tooth is wrapped and put in his satchel. There is no way that we could let this special event go undocumented. 

I love that tooth elf!

f/2.5: 1/125; ISO 3200

f/1.8: 1/160; ISO 3200