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161-162/365: The British Museum and Fairy in Training.

It's been a crazy busy weekend around here. Yesterday we visited the British Museum with my father in law and his partner. It was our first visit with the kids and they loved it. There is loads of space for them to run around and it was no where near as crowded as the Science Museum or the Natural History Museum. They saw lots of things that caught their attention. I really enjoy museums with kids because I feel under no pressure to read much or to learn anything. I just relax and enjoy the experience. We spent quite  lot of time in the Egyptian room ... because of the mummies of course. 

After the museum fun we headed over to Covent Garden to spend a bit of early Christmas money. Roo was introduced to Forbidden Planet. Rexy scored himself a long waited for Build a Bear. Bear chose a Cinderella doll from the Disney store. It was a long exhausting day. We had a quick burger dinner in Shake Shack and then took the train home. 

Today was a tedious home management sort of day. I did enjoy a lovely couple of hours with Bear, playing with the dollies and practising her flying. She's getting pretty good.