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Days 158-159/365: Christmas Plays

Yesterday was super busy and super wonderful. Both boys had their Christmas plays and so my husband am I took the day off to watch them. First up was Roo. His play was called "It's a Creepy Crawly Christmas" and he was a beetle. Not just any old beetle, but Paul McCartney!

There he is right in the middle. He was brilliant. I was pretty chuffed with myself for bringing the big camera. I have always been too embarrassed to take it and relied on my phone camera. Never again. The big girl camera is coming out every time from now on. It will be even better when I have a proper zoom lens.

Next up was Rexy. He had the traditional nativity and was a narrator. He had the best line in the whole play - "Merry Christmas to Everyone". The audience did a big "awwwww" when he said it and he looked all cute and embarrassed. It was so lovely.

We had a chaotic bedtime tonight that involved a lots of shattered glass all over my bedroom floor. So I was left without anyone to photograph. I went with a sort of selfie.