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Days 249-254/365: Southbank Centre

We spent day 249 at the Southbank Centre in London. I love taking the kids up to London because it opens their minds to different ideas and ways of life. The Southbank Centre has been running a Festival of Love all summer and had a wonderful show called Air Play as part of it. On the day we went there were lots of additional free activities for the children. Granny L joined us, which made it all the better.

These bright orange chairs where dotted around the place and my kids loved them. They are supposed to make the sitter more conscious of the act of sitting.

They also loved this structure and after some brief debate it was agreed that it was a cloud factory. 

We spent quite some time at the make a butterfly craft table. 

There was even some basketball activity. 

It was a lovely day with lots of fun photo opportunities. 

On the way home we played Club Penguin cards. The boys used to play Club Penguin a couple of years ago but then moved on to bigger stuff like Minecraft and Terraria. I have missed the innocence of Club Penguin and was delighted to see it back in our house again. 

Day 250 was a quite day from a photography perspective.  

The photos were left until the last minute on day 251. 

Day 252 - Super Girl. I love that these dolls are so muscular. It reminds me of the Strong is the New Pretty project. 

Day 253 - More dolls. They are so useful when I need a quick photo. I love this Barbie I got in Ireland. 

Day 254 - The joy of seeing her dad and grandmother return after a trip to the shops... and the hope of a little gift from them.