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Days 233-242/365: Holiday in Ireland

I have a huge amount of catching up to do now that we have settled back into normal life after our holiday to Ireland. We had an amazing week and, as predicted, I took about a million photos (403!). Editing has been a mammoth task, especially as I now have tons of busy summer photos building up since we got back. My time in Ireland is usually just as emotional as it is enjoyable, but I felt this more during this visit. The combination of living in post Brexit UK and the painful fact that my parents are getting older has made me value my time in Ireland so much more. We plan to spend a lot more time there in the future and we might even live there at some point.

Day 233 - We took the ferry across to Ireland and started our journey off late the night before the crossing. We like to break the long journey up by stopping off with Granny L for a visit along the way. We usually get the kids into their PJs and set of pretty late so that they sleep most of the way.

Day 234 - After a long journey and a pretty dull ferry crossing, we arrived in Ireland. We spent the first night with my dad and didn't waste too much time getting to the beach. 

Day 235 - We went to a different beach the following day and Bear brought a long a new doll that Granddad had bought her. This Lalaloopsy actually wets her nappy and poops charms that you wear on a bracelet. Needless to say Bear loved her... and the boys thought she was freaking hilarious. 

Day 236 - We had a wonderful reunion with my best friend when I was 5 years old. She lives abroad now too so it was such a lovely surprise when she happened to be in Ireland with her family at the same time as us. She and my dad were delighted to see each other again after over 30 years. 

Day 237 - Another emotional meet up with my best friend from teenage years. The hours we spent chatting about who we might marry and what we would call our kids. And now here we are all these years later with the kids that we dreamed of.

Day 238 - I was hoping to introduce my kids to a bit of Irish culture during this trip but then I figured that we would enjoy a visit to an amusement park so much more. Actually an introduction to Mr. Tayto is totally part of their Irish cultural education, so that is OK then. We had a wonderful day at the Tayto Park either way. 

When we got home I got this picture of the wheat field from the back of my mother's house. As soon as I saw it I knew that I wanted to take a low shutter speed shot of it to capture some of the movement in the wheat. I waited a few days and this was the right day to get what I wanted. I love this picture as it really reminds me of home. 

Day 239 - One of the main goals of my trip was to get some photos of the place that I used to go horse riding. It is so special to me and I think of it regularly. I guess that it is one of my happy places. I am delighted with the pictures I managed to get of it. 

Day 240 - This was our last full day in Ireland and we wanted to spend it on the same beach that we visited on the second day we arrived. We wanted to get some more use out of our boogie board and felt the need to have a more relaxing final day. It was amazing. I love pictures at the beach taken at sunset. 

Day 241 - Sad faces on the long journey home. 

Day 242 - Back home again.