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Days 354-358/365: Pokemon at Bedtime

We really are on the final countdown now and I have a giddy excitement brewing inside. 

Day 354 - Rexy has not been so interested in having his photo taken lately. We have been joking that everyone will think that he has vanished from the face of the earth if we don't have evidence of his existence. So he kindly let me take this photo of him. I am really enjoying my speedlite these days. It is so amazing to get decent pictures at a low ISO. It is also fun to bounce the flash around to see the different effects. This one was off the wall to the left of Rexy. 

Day 355 - I got a new toy. I was so excited to see this interval remote control because I have been wanting something like this for ages. It is frustrating that interval timers are built into Nikons but not Canons. For years I have watched with envy while women on Clickin Moms have captured their Christmas Days in 10 minute intervals, with them in the picture too. Honestly this little gadget will be so useful. 

Day 356 - This really has been the year of bedtime photos. The kids are really into Pokemon at the moment and enjoy playing games, collecting cards and drawing their favourite Pokemon. We are currently in the habit of doing lots of drawing before bedtime and I love it.

Day 357 - Cutting it fine! I will not miss taking a photo every Thursday when I get home late from work.

Day 358 - It's Christmas again.