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Days 359-364/365: On the Home Stretch

Tonight I have engaged in one of my very favourite activities - drinking a glass of wine whilst editing my photos from the past few days. Life in the Dollhouse, and beyond, can get a little hectic at times and it is so blissful to enjoy the calmness of the evening and focus on the wonderful life we have here. I have only one more day left on this second run of the 365 project. I am mostly relieved to have reached the finish line again and of course there is a hint of pride too. It has not always been easy to keep going! 

However, I also have to acknowledge a significant amount of sadness and some degree of anxiety. The anxiety relates to the past and niggling concerns that I have learnt nothing and have waisted my time and money on a hobby that I have no gift for, but it also relates to the future and asks questions like "What next?", "How can I continue to grow?", "What memories will be missed if I don't shoot everyday?" and "What if I stop taking pictures altogether and lose any skills I have worked hard to master?" I don't think that I can answer those questions tonight but it is clear that I need a plan. 

Things are becoming very Christmassy around here and it is exciting to think that we will be enjoying a lovely hygge time in a few more weeks. 

Day 359 - We wanted to see my lovely Aunt in London and decided that the new Design Museum would be a good place to meet. We really enjoyed it but it was stupidly busy and there were very few photo opportunities. As is often the case these days, I carry the camera around only to take pictures on the train journey home. 

Day 360 - A relaxing Sunday at home. Looking back over my photos from these 365 projects, I never fail to be shocked by how quickly they are growing. I feel so lucky to have captured these two years so thoroughly. 

Day 361-  The letters to Santa are all written and sent. Pokemon features highly this year. 

Day 362 - Bear set up this lavish tea party before bedtime. I didn't have the heart to tidy it away. 

Day 363 - I travelled all the way to Bristol for a conference for work. It was amazing but that is another story. On the down side, I spent much of the day in train stations. Although I saw so many wonderful photo opportunities, I have been told off for taking photos in train stations before and I didn't want to risk it again. So I managed to snap this awful picture of my train with the London Eye in the background. Just awful!

And then I came home and took about a hundred fun pictures of the Christmas tree with slow shutter speed. So much fun!

Day 364 - I was so excited when my long awaited crystal ball arrived today. I have wanted it for ages and it cost pretty much nothing on Amazon. We had a trial run this evening and we are in love with it. 

So there we have it! Of course I will take a photo tomorrow to finish off the project and I plan to take photos over the weekend too as we are away at Granny L's. 

After that, I will need a whole new plan...