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Days 73-77/365: Chelsea Football Club Stadium Tour

Some of our friends were visiting London last weekend and asked if we wanted to join them on the Chelsea football club stadium tour. Their kids are huge football fans and by coincidence they like the same team as my boys. I really don't like football at all but figured that I would go along anyway. Sadly Bear was ill that day so she and daddy stayed home for some quiet time. 

Day 73- Stadium Tour

I also had the chance to take photos of tiny people, which were part of the model for the new stadium.  I'm not quite sure why it is that I find this so much fun!

The next day was Sunday and we chilled out in our very almost finished new kitchen. We played a game of family Scrabble. I won, just in case anyone was wondering...

Day 74 - Scrabble

Day 75 - Bear has discovered the joys of bubbling up her milk. I took these photos late in the evening and the light was terrible. Thus the heaving editing with presets. 

Day 76 - A quite and reflective doll day

I had the day off work today. At this time of year I am often left with a backlog of days off that need to be taken. I like to split the days between extra time with the kids, alone time and days out with my husband. Today was an alone day. I really need those every once and a while. I brought my camera up to London but it was very cold and I really didn't fancy getting it out. I also spent most of the day at the cinema, which ruled out photo taking. I saw Joy and just loved it. On the way home I took a few snaps in China Town and Trafalgar Square. I really was hoping to get to the National Portrait Gallery today, but ran out of time. I'll do it next week. 

Day 77 - A day out in London