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Days 66-71/365: Our Lovely Week

I can't figure out if I am busier this year or just not creating enough time every day to upload to this blog. Life does feel very busy right now but surely it's not that different to last year? All I can say is that most days end without there being a chance of sitting down to update the blog. I have been desperate to take some online photography courses but this week I have come to the decision that I just wouldn't be able to commit to them at the moment. Even that 20 day challenge I took last month wiped me out! At least I am still getting on with the 365. That feels manageable - just about...

It was Valentine's Day last weekend and the kids have been off school all week. Normally that would be an excuse for us to get all crafty with lots of Valentine decorations. However, we have been knocked off course by the lack of a fully functioning kitchen and the presence of builders every day. 

We didn't do too badly though. 

Day 66 - To be honest I made these cupcakes with a photo in mind. The theme for the 52 project was Valentine Hearts, so I made a batch of these Love Buns. I'm not sure that I achieved the photo I was after, but we certainly did enjoy the cakes. The icing is amazing! 

I love bath shots because the kids always look relaxed in the moment and I love the way water is captured in camera. It does make me crave a new bathroom though.

Day 67 - Valentine's Day. 

Roo surprised me by making this cute heart emoji all by himself. This boy really is growing fast now. 

This is the cupcake picture I was aiming for.

This is the only bit of crafting I managed this year, and it didn't even turn out right. We still kind of like them though and will add them to our Valentine's decoration box. 

Day 68 - A boy and his cat. After nine years of keeping a safe distance from each other, they are now the very best of friends. Roo seeks her out when he gets home from school everyday. It's adorable.

Day 69 - Early morning sticker booking. This girl loves her sticker books. It is a great way to start the day. 

Day 70 - My teeny tiny people arrived this week. There are many wonderful examples of macro photography using tiny figures on the internet. I was excited to play around with the idea myself and so far it has been heaps of fun. My little people were super cheap and their paintwork gives that away.  Either I will have to slash out on better quality little people, or I will have to get a teeny tiny paintbrush and fix them up myself. 

Day 71 - I returned home late and empty of ideas. My macro lens was still on the camera so I just went with that. I find that macro is the way to go when I am short of ideas. It just takes on a creative life of it's own. I started with playing with pages of a book on my nightstand and then added a coloured iPad screen for the background. As always with these late nighttime shots, I feel that it could be done better with a little more time and patience. It is a nice start all the same. 

I am delighted to say that our kitchen is now finished, so hopefully things will settle down a bit around here.