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The Big Summer Holiday 2015

Wow, it has been forever since I last posted and the main reason is that I have been drowning in photos to edit. Most of the photos were from our annual family summer holiday. We went to the same Centre Parcs as last year because it is just the most relaxing holiday ever! I honestly think that this year was even better than last year. We seriously love that place. We dream of big international adventures with the kids one day, but right now we are loving the ease of a holiday close to home. 

Of course, I was interested to see how I would get on with my camera on the same holiday one year later. I was hoping to see some improvement in my photos and a greater sense of knowing what I was doing. It served as a useful comparison point. Overall I think that I definitely felt as though I have grown in skills and confidence. I am happy with a lot of the photos I got this year. Of course I did take A LOT of photos. I am left with 375 edited photos in my album and I deleted at least that many in the course of editing. 

The thing that I love most about going to different places with my camera is the potential to get some nice new portraits of my family. I have overused the few good portrait spots in my house and background clutter is forever a problem. This year I was able to identify good well lit spots much quicker and got some photos that I really do love. 

I brought along my new tripod with the aim of getting some memorable  family portraits. My first attempt did not work out as I somehow missed focus. I was gutted about this one because I love the shot otherwise. 

The rest of them are good to have though. 

I was keen to play around a bit more with fill flash in heavily backlit scenes. I am still  not convinced about this technique. I set my flash to the lowest setting, but the results are still quite ... flashy. It was so easy to identify the flash ones in my album because they look so different. 

Another photography technique I enjoyed playing around with was panning. This one is great for capturing motion and is commonly used in sports. I love capturing motion as my kids are so wonderfully active. I had some success with this but can't help but wonder how much better it would have been with a better camera. Surely I would have more success if the camera could achieve more frames per second and had a super efficient autofocus system... Just saying!

Mostly it was great to capture some precious family memories of a fantastic holiday. 

This year I was conscious of creating a mix of pull back wider scene pictures and zoomed in ones to capture the small details in the story. 

Life continues in other photography sections of my life too. I entered a couple of photos from above to the 52 project. This week I was back in London to capture a photo for the theme People.  After a lot of difficulty (including being told of for taking photos in a train station) I got this one. 

I love the idea of street photography. It is a whole different ballgame though! 

I have continued to take lots of photos with my iPhone and entered a few in the It's My Week challenge. I am not having much luck with "likes" or being selected for the picks of the week over there. However, it is tons of fun and really does help me to think more about composition. 

Ahhh, it feels good to be back and more up to date. We have been having lots of summer adventures including exploring our local beaches. I will be back soon to share the photos.