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Bear's Big Performance

Bear has enjoyed taking part in a little ballet class this year. Last weekend, her group joined up with other local classes and put on a show. I went along, armed with my trustly 100mm lens, not knowing quite what to expect. I was completely blown away by the size of this production. My poor little Bear was a little overwhelmed by the experience but managed to play her role with a level of confidence I didn't even know she had. I could not be more proud of her!

The show was beautiful and I just loved seeing all of the girls in their costumes. I have always loved ballet but didn't have the opportunity to take any lessons when I was young. This would have been  dream come true for me as a little girl. I have considered taking some adult ballet classes, but I am scared of embarrassing myself! I dream of taking Bear to performances in the Royal Opera House in London. 

I was delighted with my 100mm. I really couldn't manage without that lens these days. 

I have not been neglecting my other lenses though! I enjoyed taking the Lensbaby out for breakfast last weekend...

... and I needed to go wide for my 52 project shot this week. I used the Tamron at 24mm. The theme was Vision. 

I have enjoyed not taking the big girl camera everywhere, but I cannot stop taking photos. I have been using my iPhone almost daily. It is such an easy way to get the shot quickly and I love how it enables me to play with compositions and creative ideas. It is fun but I also see it as a learning tool. 

Here a couple of sewing projects from our first day of the summer holidays. 

Playing with the idea of storytelling. I have joined a couple of Instagram challenges. It really helps to push your creativity. 

Bear's first haircut. 

Playing around with colour and contrasts. This is one of my weak spots so it is great to be able to collect ideas as they present themselves. 

Family selfies! Did you know that the resolution on the front camera is less than the one on the back of the camera? You can really see that here. It was also very difficult to hold the camera far enough away without shaking it or making my chin jut forward. I still love having these photos though. 

A couple of vintage fair finds that I am over the moon about. I really must find more vintage fairs because there was so much treasure there. 

I hope that we are always this goofy!

We have our big family summer holiday coming up soon. I am hoping that my next post will have some good photos and lots of memories to share.