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I'm Back!

Hello again!

It was never my intention to take a huge break from the blog but as the weeks and months rolled by it just sort of fell of my radar. At first I was grateful to be free of the commitment of the 365 and general blog up keep. It has been a difficult and emotionally draining year for a number of reasons and, if I am honest, I have felt a little derailed for much of it. There is a strong possibility that I have been having a mid-life crisis of some sort. At some point I almost made the decision that I was going to let the blog go, but recently I have found myself looking back over old posts and valuing the fact that it is the best record of our family life I could hope for. Seriously... I know that it is a cliche but how are these kids growing so fast?

I am not taking photos everyday or anything even remotely close to it. I managed to take a few over the summer but most of them are still waiting to be edited. I spent a while focusing on skill building by watching some brilliant Creative Live courses. I have been hugely influenced by Kirsten Lewis Bethman and the whole family photo journalism genre. I still don't have a personal style though. I think that I will be approaching editing a little differently now. I will no longer edit and keep every single photo I take. I will choose quality over quantity from now on. At least I will try to. It's hard!

My husband very kindly bought me my much wished for Sigma 35mm lens and I finally sorted out my photo storage problem. In fact, I think that the storage problem was probably the main thing that stopped me in my tracks. I felt stressed by how much space my photos were taking up on our Mac and couldn't cope with seeing those annoying alerts anymore. I now have an external drive just for photos and when that is full, I will fill another and then another. 

I have also been distracted by some other projects. We have finally managed to get around to sorting out our house. We have a beautiful new bathroom and the painter and decoratiors are coming in soon. Every single choice I make for the renovations has my photography in mind. I am so excited to be able to use my 35mm lens to capture the background rather than try to hide it. Having said that I have noticed how much I enjoy looking at the old photos with the chaotic background. It is a snapshot in time and even though I know that the mess drove me crazy at the time, I feel almost nostalgic for those days now.

My doll collecting has also taken a hit. I have felt the need to pack them all away while the house is full of judgemental workmen. I really haven't had the spare cash or time to invest in the hobby either. I miss the doll collecting world and feel that it is time to get back to it. I just need those pesky workmen to leave. 

We have had another adventure packed fun year so far and when I look back over my photos, I do feel regretful that I didn't post to the blog at the time. There is no point holding on to regrets and it is best to look forward. That said, here is a round up of some of my favourites from the year.

I hope to be back again soon.