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Days 344-351/365: Illusive Personal Style

My main goals for this second 365 were to gain a greater sense of mastery over my editing in both Lightroom and Photoshop and to pin down my own personal sense of style. Although I have indeed learned a lot of new editing skills this year, I can honestly say that I have failed to develop my own style. I am not convinced that this is such a bad thing though. After all, it is not as if I am planning to go into business anytime soon (ever!?). I have enjoyed playing around with different looks and I'm not ready to end that exploration process yet. Perhaps I never will. I am however very much looking forward to stopping this 365 as it takes up so much of my time and energy. My plan is to use the time it frees up to focus on pushing myself creatively with a fresh focus on quality over quantity. That said, I am often surprised by how much I love some of the photos that I take solely because of my commitment to the 365. There are quite a few from this week that I really do treasure, but I know that I would never have picked up the camera if I wasn't doing the 365. It is sad to think that future opportunities will be lost once I complete the challenge.

Here is the round up of this past week. 

Day 344 - After all this time I still struggle with skin tones. I gave up on this first one of Rexy as it look so much better in black and white anyway. In the past I think that I have edged towards being too cool. These days I tend to push up the warmth but I live in fear to going too orange. I am always very frustrated to see it come out with a green tint. Yuk! It is so tricky because often the colours look OK in Lightroom or Photoshop but then come out all funky here. It is often much worse on social media. I have had some horrible greenish photos on Flickr. Sigh! Still so much to learn. 

Day 345 - Games night. I did not even manage one single wedge in this game of Junior Trivial Pursuit. Roo always wins. 

Day 346 

Day 347

Day 348 - Have I ever mentioned how much I love playing with lens flare?

Day 349 - I am needing to get creative with light again. The lighting here was achieved by bouncing a very bright lamp off of a large white board. I like how it turned out. I dream of a soft box but the reality is that these things are a pain to set up and store. 

Day 350 - Bear is learning to read and write and could not be more excited about it. I just love seeing her enthusiasm and sense of achievement when she gets it right. 

Day 351 - My husband and I went to see Akram Khan's Giselle last week. It was honestly one of the best things I have ever seen and I cannot stop thinking about it. On another note I really have enjoyed using this mirror for photos this year. I must look around to see if I can find any more mirrors with cool bits on to play with.