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Day 122/365: Macro Crystal World

Roo loves to collect crystals and fossils. I quite fancied taking some macro shots today and I thought that his collection might make a good subject matter. Macro requires such a different set of skills. I fiddled about for a while but finally found that the best results came with a narrow aperture such as f/20 or so and placing my camera on a stable surface. I used Live Focus, zoomed in and focused manually. It is fun to really push the image in editing. I push clarity way up, way beyond the point that I would ever use on a human subject. I also had some fun playing with colours. It is liberating to not have to think about skin tone.

I did miss the human element though, so I got my little people out to play around with. It would have been so much more fun if these guys were well painted! I am either going to have to get some better ones or paint them myself. It is amazing how shallow depth of field is when using macro, even at those high apertures.