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Day 130/365: Oh Hedgehogs!

A little insight into the level of bonkers around here.

My husband loves hedgehogs. He also enjoys collecting things. These little guys form part of his hedgehog collection and each of them has a story to tell. They probably have names but I forget them.

This one was crocheted by me - back when I had the time and energy to do such things.

This one was a gift from the children. He is a Jellycat soft toy. We all love those and there are quite a few of them around the house. 

This bedtime hedgehog was knitted by my mother in law and he is a favourite of Bear at the moment. He has a funny little routine where he burns his nose with the hot water bottle. It's hilarious, even at 6am. Perhaps not so much for me... but Bear gets a real kick out of it. 

As crazy and silly as this little collection is, it forms a small part of the fabric of our family life. Our kids will always remember that Daddy loved hedgehogs. I love how they take pleasure in pointing out hedgehog toys and pictures when they see them. I love that they created an opportunity for me and my mother in law to make something simple that made people happy.

But mostly I love how they enable us to put down our adult responsibilities for a little while and join our children in finding joy in simple things.